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Hi, I'm ROGU3N1NJA! on my YouTube Channel which is linked at the top of the page I mostly upload funny videos about GTA 5 Mods such as playing GTA 5 as the Hulk for example (That was Hilarious). but I also plan on playing games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Golf it! So if you like GTA 5 (and those other games) you should definitely go check out my YouTube Channel and Subscribe, I would REALLY appreciate it!
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The video's I upload to YouTube are mainly me just having fun while playing GTA V with mods. So if you like watching funny gameplay and you like GTA V you absolutely must check out my channel !! I make these video's just because I like doing it, and I hope one day I will be able to do youtube as my fulltime job, that's really my dream so if you want to let that dream come true go subscribe to my youtube channel, I would really appreciate that !! furthermore if you like games like Control or Minecraft I also have video's about those games --- Click on the text "YOUTUBE" Above to go to the page where I have linked some useful & funny video's!


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