I create GTA 5 Videos on YouTube, and I love making them! I want to continue making them and partnering/sponsering (with) me would definitely be very much appreciated! Here's a little more information about me: I am just a regular guy, who creates very cool and funny GTA 5 videos. I love making these videos, and there's one specific series that I really like: The GTA 5 Mods Series where I try all kinds of cool and crazy mods, and people LOVE IT! . Those videos are mostly about funny mod content like for example: I made a video about a tsunami mod which was hilarious. But also very cool mods for example: a very cool graphics mod! Which was Insanely Realistic. *LINK TO MY CHANNEL* . So, if you have a really cool game or a gaming focused product such as a headset, keyboard, mouse or something like it, and you want someone to showcase it, then i'm your guy. My audience is completely made up of gamers so they will definitely consider buying the product!










My audience consists of 94% male viewers, with 35% of all views being driven from the United States.

85% of my total audience is between the ages of 13-34, with an interest in technology and gaming

Thanks to my cool content I have high engagement rates on my videos, which means that people watch the entire video!


• Gaming Videos:
Fun and Exciting videos about Games such as GTA 5, Far Cry 6, Assassins Creed Valhalla and Red Dead Redemption 2, and People LOVE them!

• Tutorial Videos:
This is where I go in depth on how to install certain mods or extra's for a game which can be quite long videos but veru helpful for many people, getting around 50,000 views each! (some get much more, some less)

• Announcement Videos:
Exciting News about my channel and my own GTA 5 Mods when they launch!

Becoming a Brand Ambassador is my ideal partnership model. Advertisement via natural and organic use of the product or service over a longer period of time is the most effective strategy that I like to employ. I prefer to build long-term relationships with quality brands that I truly stand behind.

Key Verticals Include:
• Tech
• Gaming & Entertainment
• Education

That said, being a gamer makes me able to actually use something like a mouse everyday and sharing my thoughts about it with all my viewers, which will help with getting my fans to buy the item! or a mobile game, which I can play all the time and also share my thoughts about!